Best Hair Products For Blondes

As a blondie, I get asked often what are some of my favorite products & how do I keep my hair healthy through the damage of color treatment. Well my beauties, I’m here to give you all my must-haves that will keep your hair strong & vibrant as well as some splurge items to shake things up!​​

Shampoos & Conditioners

My all time favorite brand to use is Redken. They have the best line of salon quality hair products for every need possible. The nice thing about this brand is that you can customize your routine with products that fit your needs. My power duo is the Blonde Idol Shampoo (has now been reformulated & renamed to Color Extend Blondage) & the Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner. I love the shampoo from both these lines because they’re sulfate-free which is gentler on color treated hair.


Leave-In Conditioner

Having a leave-in conditioner a part of your regimen is like a multi-vitamin for your body. It gives your hair what it needs to be stronger & healthier. As far as leave-ins go, I love trying different ones I’ve received as freebies or from beauty boxes. Benefits can range from product to product, but the main perk you want to look out for is that it’s safe for color treated hair, strengthens & protects. I love Redken’s One United Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray & Briogeo’s Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray.



This product has to be one of my favorites in my whole routine – Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray. Its a heat protectant to up to 450* of heat keeping your hair soft, diminishes frizz, & bonus! Protects the hair from any breakage & cuts your dry time in half. It has a nourishing oil so be sure to shake before spritzing. I seriously LOVE this stuff. Great for all hair types too! Be sure you keep a distance when spraying & keep it towards the lower 2/3’s of your hair. Spraying too much along the scalp may make it look greasy.


Dry Shampoo

I’m sure ya’ll know this, but washing your hair everyday can actually damage it more. It strips it of those nourishing that keep it healthy & strong. I try my best to wash my hair about twice a week – I know, crazy right? Dry shampoo is literally my best friend & the only product that keeps me looking normal & put together. My go-to is Batiste’s Dry Shampoo. It comes out powdery more so than wet & lightens my root just a smidge to make it look brighter. And it’s super affordable which is a bonus for me since I go through this like water! Its also comes in multiple scents & sizes for travel.


Volumizing Mousse

I was never a huge fan of volumizing products because I always felt they were heavy & weighed my hair down completely defeating the purpose. I’ve recently been using the Redken’s Full Frame 07 which is a medium hold making it light weight while giving my roots a little lift.


Splurge Favorites

First up is this gorgeous Rose Gold Temporary Tint from Kristin Ess. This is an in shower application that you can customize the intensity. It’s mostly suited for light color hair & won’t show up as pink in darker. I love the wash of pink it gives & rinses out in 2-3 washes.


Every once in awhile the ends of my hair get dry & need a little love. You can’t really go wrong with oils. You do want to make sure it’s safe for color-treated hair, as always. Argan, Moroccan, Jojoba are all great options. I’m currently using DryBar’s 100 Proof Treatment Oil – perfect to cut frizz, nourish & give shine.


In between colorings it’s nice to have a product like John Frieda’s Lightening Spray to cut down costs. These products help lighten the roots naturally saving you some money – you’re welcome!


And those are my hair favorites ya’ll! I hope you’ve found some new items to try out. I’d love to hear about some of your favorite products to baby your hair with. Be sure to leave those in the comments below!

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