Winter Skin Goals

If you live in a frigid cold place like me (Milwaukee was a high of 2 degrees F one day last year. TWO DEGREES!), you want to make sure you’re taking all the steps to keeping your skin healthy, hydrated & radiant. Who doesn’t want that? Winter wreaks more havoc on our skin than you may realize. But not to worry, I’ve come up with a great list of DO’s & DON’TS to help.

​#1 DO – Moisturize, duh!

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone really. Moisturizing is the first step you should be taking in hydrating your skin & doing it AT LEAST once a day. I always moisturize in the morning before applying makeup & in the evenings after cleansing my face. And don’t forget the rest of your body! The best time to lock in moisture is straight out of the shower.


#1 DON’T – Minimize Long/Hot Showers

As much as we love those luxurious hot baths & showers, the hot water is actually tearing apart our skin by breaking down the barriers that lock in moisture. So instead, I recommend shortening your time in the shower or lowering the temperature. Also, be sure to moisturize right after.

#2 DO – Incorporate a Serum

Serums allow anything that you place on top to to be maximized. A serum can also penetrate much deeper in the skin than a moisturizer can. It’s also more concentrated & provides great benefits depending on the type of product. During the summertime, a serum is the perfect amount of hydration for my combo/oily skin. But during the winter, I definitely need a moisturizer as well. Because serums get down to the deeper levels on the skin, it’s much more effective.


#2 DON’T – Use Products with Sulfates

Sulfates are chemicals that we find in cleansers that cut oils from the skin. Products like these are devastating to the skin & can actually trigger redness, irritation & promote more dry skin. Be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing a new cleanser. Luckily for us shoppers, a lot of brands are making it clear on their products that they are sulfate-free!

#3 DO – Use A Humidifier

While it may seem like a great idea to crank up the heat in your house on those super cold days, what you’re really doing is creating a dry & undesirable environment for your skin. I recommend a humidifier to help keep a happy balance of moisture in the hair. When you’re out running errands or shopping, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to also stay hydrated. Going in & out of stores from one drastic temperature to the next is very harsh on your skin & your immune system. I unfortunately caught a cold on Black Friday because I didn’t stay hydrated enough & lost my voice too. Not fun! Check out my humidifier HERE.

#3 DON’T – Cover Dry Skin with Makeup

We can cover up a lot with makeup but sadly dry skin is not one of them. If anything, makeup only emphasizes the appearance of dry skin. Substitute your powder foundations & concealers for liquids & creams. And if you like using powders to set, try using a setting spray that grants the same finish such as dewy or matte.

#4 DO – Exfoliate/Deep Cleanse

Don’t be afraid to exfoliate/deep cleanse during the winter – even my sensitive skin peeps. Eliminating the dead skin cells & flakes will make way for the moisture it needs. My TOP recommendation is a cleansing device like the Clarisonic. This device is truly ideal for all skin types. You just need to know which brush head fits your needs. My recommendations for those with sensitive skin are the “Cashmere” & “Radiance” brush heads. Check out more information about the Clarisonic here.


#4 DON’T – Drink Too Many Caffeinated Drinks

I know, I know – you’re talking to a coffee & Dr. Pepper lover here so I feel your pain. Caffeine is a natural diuretic which means it will dehydrate you. I’m not saying you need to give up your favorite beverage (smoked butterscotch latte for me please!), just lower how many drinks you have in your day & be sure to balance that amount out with water.

#5 DO – Weekly Masks

This is a great way to give your skin that heavy kick of moisture it needs. AND give yourself a little “me, myself & I” time. I tend to do my masks at night so that all the benefits really sink in while I sleep & my body does the most of it’s repairing.

yes-to-coconut-hydrate-restore-ultra hydrating-paper-mask

#6 DO – Hydrate & Drink Lots of Water

Water is the most multi-beneficial thing we have. The recommended amount we should drink every day is half our weight in ounces then divide that by 8. Drinking plenty of water not only helps keep our skin hydrated, but also wards off illnesses & also great for weight loss. Make it fun with a cute to-go tumbler!


I sure hope you found this blog helpful to getting your most glowing skin this season. I’d also love to hear some of your favorite products to stay hydrated & nourished this winter!

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