How To Crush Your Goals In 2019

As we approach every New Year, many of us (including myself) write down our goals & aspirations. I like to look at it as a fresh start – a brand new chapter in my book. I’ve heard & seen this all over socials too. People are ready to get their sh*t together.

But have you really prepared for what it takes to achieve those goals? Have you made an action plan that you can follow & keep track? Have you told anyone about your fabulous plans for the New Year? Probably not. And here’s where we fail.

We don’t plan properly! Not only that, we don’t make plans that fit our personalities so that we may actually accomplish said goals. What keeps me accountable doesn’t necessarily keep Joe &/or Sally accountable. So I’ve gathered together some ideas that will help you kick 2019’s booty!

#1 Tell Somebody

Having a partner help you is a great way to stay on track – especially if you both are reaching for the same goal. My co-worker & I linked our Apple Watches so that it alerted us of when the other worked out that day. It was so encouraging getting that text saying “You’re awesome!”, “Way to get that workout!”. Be careful of this choice though too. You don’t want to resent each other in case things get too tense trying to keep each other accountable.

#2 Create a Vision Board

If you love crafty DIY’s like me, this is a fantastic (& fun!) option for you. Recently I saw this amazing DIY board from blogger @sabrinareneesmith & it was so inspiring I couldn’t wait to make my own! Check out her blog HERE of how she made hers. Sometimes having something to look at everyday is all we need to have that constant reminder of our goals. Plus it makes for a cute visual! Check out my vision board!

#3 Track Your Progress

When my fiancé & I were doing long distance, we came up with fun ways to stay connected. One of them was a way for us to stay accountable everyday with our goals. I wanted to eat less sweets & workout more & he wanted to floss everyday & drink more water. We kept track of this on a spreadsheet by ticking off the things we did. We got points for each task we accomplished as well! It made for a fun competition. Strides: Habit Tracker app is a great tool with customizable goals & reminders that allows you to track daily. I didn’t realize checking off boxes could be so fun!

#4 Make Mini Goals (& Celebrate Them!)

Once you’ve established your goals, take each one & break down what its going to take for you to reach that specific goal. Reaching these mini goals will feel very rewarding & less daunting. Just think, “What do I need to do to accomplish this? What can I do everyday or week that will help me get there?” I’m going to use the most common goal as an example – lose weight. Now we break down how we’re going to achieve this. (These are all EXAMPLES – please talk to a dietician or health professional when setting your goals)

  • How much weight? 25 lbs
    • By when? 3 Months
      • How much weight is that per week/month? 2 lb per week/8-9 lbs per month
  • Workout
    • Gym, home videos, trainer, classes? (Classes work best for me – I like to just show up & have someone tell me what to do haha!)
  • Diet
    • Talk to a dietician, start a program, meal prep on your own, search Pinterest or cookbook for recipes?
    • New clothes, date night of your choice with family/friends/spouse, beauty treatment
      • My recommendation is to not reward yourself with junk food. Once you fall back to the foods you feel like you’re missing out on, it can make it harder for you to get back on track & you’ll crave those bad sugars & carbs.

Basically, you want to break it down & then break it down some more. Some goals won’t need as much. And as always – when in doubt, Pinterest for more ideas!

#5 Use A Planner/Calendar

This one may be because I just enjoy planners so much! But if it helps me, it’s bound to help one of you as well. When you’re scheduling your week or month, make time to work on your goals. If you’re trying to get to bed by 9:30p for that early morning workout (that would be me!), then I’m going to schedule 30-45 minutes beforehand for reading my “fun” book. (I have a resolution to read 2 books every month this year – one for fun & one educational/self-improvement!) Writing down & scheduling is a great way to keep you on track. Be sure to mark down little milestones as well! You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

#6 Don’t Compare Yourself

Last but not least (& this is for everyone!) – don’t get sucked in to the comparison game. In a world full of highlight reels, filters & the right angles it’s easy to get discouraged. Social media only shows glimpses into peoples journeys. Glimpses that are the very best moments of their day or week. They hardly ever show the struggles. Only compare yourself to YOU! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m very excited for 2019! I have some big plans & some amazing things happening. For one, I’m getting married! Oh yeah! I also have some very specific plans to grow my blog & make it a real monthly income. I see so many others that have built their online brand & I’m going to do it too!

I hope this was helpful in achieving your New Year’s resolutions. What are some of your methods to reaching your goals? I would love to hear about them!

Happy 2019!

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