Galentine’s Day Gifts For Your BFF!

I’ve never been a serious hater or lover of Valentine’s Day. Of course its fun when you spend it with someone special but who likes being reminded that they’re single or of their most recent break-up?? Ya, no thanks. I’m finally lucky to have found a Valentine for life (whether he likes it or not haha!) but I make sure I show love to the other people that make my life wonderful – my gal pals!

So here are some cute items to gift your BFF that has brought over cookie dough & wine after you sent the “We broke up.” text, saved you from dates-gone-wacky & made you laugh through the best & worst of times. Cause she deserves it!

10 thoughts on “Galentine’s Day Gifts For Your BFF!

  1. Great idea. I myself have never had much enthusiam for this occasion but I love my gfs and this would certainly be a great time to show my appreciation.


  2. I’ll admit that I’ve never had a Galentine, but I sure wouldn’t mind if a gal pal decided to buy me that glitter travel cup!


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