8 Cheap & Creative Date Night Ideas

Ok Target I get it – Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s almost like every year stores are putting out V-Day decor earlier & earlier! If you’re like me, I want to enjoy this day of love without breaking the bank. Whether it’s with your S/O, or gal pal – we can all enjoy this day without our wallets suffering – right?

Check out FB events in your area:

On a double date with friends at the Christkindl Market in Milwaukee

I’m a huge fan of this for so many reasons – you can check out new places, try new food or shop/support local vendors. Most of the time the admission is super cheap or free! There’s even a new app called Facebook Local to make it easy to search for.

Go window shopping: 

Tim & I did this at IKEA looking around at all the home/room set-ups. Even though we weren’t talking about a future home at that point, it was still fun to shop & learn about the things we liked/disliked (like how I absolutely NEED a large closet & he wants a large entertainment center haha!).

Have a picnic inside: 

You can get really creative with this. Being that it’s still frigid cold outside here in Milwaukee, who says you still can’t have a picnic? Mimic how it actually would be outside by playing some peaceful nature sounds, turn off all the electronics, throw a blanket on the floor & get to it! Forget cutlery? Improvise! If you were actually out at the park, you probably wouldn’t run back to your kitchen. You’ll end up laughing about it making it even more fun.

Have a game night:

The new Hasbro Games exclusively at Target!

This is a great way to get laughing together. Get a group of friends together for a Valentine’s party & get cozy with your S/O. Hasbro has released new versions of their classic games exclusively at Target – The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crises, Sorry NOT Sorry: Secret Confessions. No Regrets, & Clue: What Happened Last Night? – Lost In Vegas. We recently played Life: Quarter Life Crises & it had us laughing all night!

Check out Groupon deals:

Tim & I were able to get a couples massage for super cheap & it was amazing. Their deals are up to 75% off & will get you trying new things together! These don’t have to be just for you & your sweetheart either. Check out a yoga class with your bestie or treat yourself to a mani/pedi!

Attend a wine/beer tasting:

Tim & I have done a couple wine tastings & love discovering new ones. While we were in Epcot at Disney World we tried some beers & ciders from Germany!

Whatever your poison, check out a local brewery or winery for any events they’re hosting & discover new drinks. Most tastings start as cheap as $15 per person. Some even include food!

Volunteer together: 

Ready to fall in love with your sweetheart all over again? This will help create amazing memories & experience a different side of them all while helping your community. I absolutely love seeing the tender side of Tim when we volunteer. The last 2 Christmases (& probably each one going forward) we sign up for adopt-a-child through his work & get them gifts. To find other ways to get involved, check out www.volunteermatch.com to see opportunities in your city. You can also filter based on your interests.

Try a new workout/physical activity:

Out hiking in Badlands National Park while on our road trip Spring 2018.

You could do something as simple as working out together. Or you could get a little more creative like rock climbing, obstacle courses or hiking!

Whatever ya’ll choose to do, share! I’d love to hear your creative & cheap date nights.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending all my love!

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